Last week I spent an exciting two days in Newport News, VA at a photo shoot.  I went to get shots for a book cover I’m designing (no, not mine), but while I was there I hoped to get shots that I could use for artwork in a scheme I’m cooking up involving scenes from the Xannon series and a calendar. I’ve been trying for quite awhile to create art that reflected the vision in my head, but so far haven’t really succeeded. It’s definitely a work in progress.

While I was there, the lovely lady who modeled for me agreed to extra shots just for me to use as art. And of course, I also managed to capture the scene around me. I giggled with delight over the weather. Nature was on my side and gave me a fantastic sky to use as a backdrop. Seriously couldn’t have asked for anything better, and I can’t wait to play with all the images I captured that day. This one is just a tiny taste. If you’re signed up for the newsletter, you’ll see the first of many I’ve created from this trip, featuring that gorgeous sky. Sign up now, because those images won’t appear on the blog. They’re only available to subscribers.

And maybe one day a calendar. Who knows.