As I mentioned Monday, I went on a photo safari this week. I ended up at a park next to a lake, and from the looks of the empty parking lots I was probably one of three people out there. You’d think that would be relaxing, wouldn’t you? As I walked along a path through the woods a soft breeze played through my hair and rustled the leaves on the ground. Birds sang and chatted, and small animals scurried up trees. It was blissfully isolated. No traffic noise, no people talking.

No people talking.

No people.

Then what is that noise? That rustling noise over there? It’s too big to be a squirrel. It sounds like a coyote. Or mountain lion! It could be a mountain lion. Or a bear! They have those in Maryland, right?

Oooo, it could be a Chupacabra!


It could possibly be a serial killer just waiting for the next woman to happen by the lake. I’m alone. I have no weapons. I don’t even have a dog. I’m 50 feet from the car.

Deep breath.

Note to self: it might not be a good idea to watch a lot of NCIS or Castle before going out in the woods alone.

P1210217_FairyBesides, it might not be a mass murderer. It might be a fairy! Yeah, that’s it. Surely there are good things hanging out in the woods too!

What do you think? Was it a demon (killer) or fairy? Or something else entirely?