Yesterday the hubby and I ventured out into the world to see a movie and have dinner. For the curious, we saw Lucy. I’ll tell you all about it on Friday here at the blog. After the movie we went to Joe’s Crab Shack. They’re having a special right now, crab and fries…go get some!

No really, this isn’t a sales pitch. They don’t pay me or anything. I just noticed while I was laboring over dinner…and let’s face it, eating crab IS labor…that I was having a great time. I felt happy, basking in my hubby’s company and picking my way through hard shells to grab that juicy goodness inside. I actually paused to mention this to the hubster and he grinned and nodded. Then he said “remember when you used to hate crab? I could never get you to come here.”

He’s right. I used to hate all shell fish. Shrimp, clams, crab, lobster…I’d shudder at the mere mention and walk the other way. I never went to Joe’s because there wasn’t anything on the menu for someone who hates shell fish. Then one day, I tried fried clam strips. Sure it was mostly breading (which I love) and fried (I’m a big fan of that), but still. It was seafood and I was enjoying it. Huh. Maybe I should try something else.

I should point out that I grew up in mostly desert areas. No ocean nearby, no water to speak of…no fish. We ate good southern food like country fried steak and smashed taters and okra. *slurp*

Sorry, got distracted.

So I branched out and tried fried shrimp. Popcorn style. All I tasted was breading but hey, I’m a huge fan of that so add that to my list of acceptable fishy morsels.

Then one day hubby insisted on Joe’s and I capitulated. And then he insisted I try the crab. For my first attempt, he worked the legs over and pulled the meat out so all I had to do was eat it. And it was amazing! Drippy garlicky sweet goodness. Dipped in butter, because everything’s better in butter, right?

Then came the day I had to dig for gold myself. No more handouts. Hubby taught me how to crack the shell, how to tease the goodness out. Somewhere in the middle of intense focus I realized I was enjoying myself. I felt primitive. A caveman, hunting for game. A warrior princess enjoying the spoils of a long day at sea. The sense of accomplishment when I managed to get one whole piece out without destroying it was incredibly satisfying.

I realize that’s such a little thing, in the scheme of life accomplishments. But there you have it. I’ve changed. I tried something new, and I loved it. Not just for the tasty meal, but sharing the experience with my hubby as he shows me something he loves. That’s priceless.

Still don’t really care for lobster. I can’t eat food that’s looking at me. I have my lines, and I’m not crossing that one.