I am so excited this morning! I’ve been madly working on the House of Xannon series, and in particular have gone back to the beginning to revamp Stronger Than Magic. I can’t wait to show you the shiny new edition. It’s getting a new cover, and includes two entirely new chapters. I’ll be re-launching it in a few weeks, plus kicking into gear an audio version for those who would rather listen (you know who you are, this one’s for you!)

The reason I’m so giddy this morning is that I’m working with an illustrator to create special artwork for the series, and this morning she sent me rough pencil sketches to peruse. Let me tell you, they’re amazing! All of them. I seriously can’t decide between them and yet I must. Isn’t that a fantastic position to be in? I couldn’t be happier with them and I can’t wait to show you.

Also in the coming weeks, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be working on this website. I want it to be a fun user experience, and I want those who are invested in this journey with me to get inside treats and sneak peaks that others not-in-the-know won’t be privy to. That means revamping the site from a  simple blog to more of a news/newsletter type of format. I love sharing news with you, but I love sharing stories even more and I can’t do that if I keep blogging instead of writing stories. The newsletter, when I get it up and running, is where insiders will find the real news, and the advance previews, etc. The blog will be where I share thoughts of the day and photos I take along the way.

My publishing schedule for this year is slightly insane, but I am determined to make it work. Stronger Than Magic is first up with a re-launch in February. After that, the next portion of the House of Xannon series will launch near the end of March. The working title is Macari. The story will be told from Macari’s point of view (a character not yet introduced in the series), and give a glimpse of other portions of the Xannon universe not seen in Stronger.

If you stick with me, by the end of the year the entire Xannon saga will be told over five books, and five novellas. A lot of words, for sure. I’m excited about all of them! You’ll want to be signed up for the newsletter, since that’s where I’ll announce them first as well as make preview copies available. If you sign up to follow my blog, your email will transfer over to the newsletter, so go ahead and sign up.

And now…back to writing!