Change. Life is full of it. The stories I write are all about how my characters handle the different changes life (or me, muahahaha) throws at them. I’m deep in revisions on Promise of Magic, the sequel to Stronger than Magic…and change is definitely on the way. Huge change. Monumental change. Change so big it crawls up into your brains and eats them away to make room for  babies called fear, doubt, rage…you know, all the stages of grief. Because that’s how a lot of people react to any sort of change, really. They grieve what used to be. The way things were. The “good old days.”

I’ve never been that sort of person, really. It’s all about the future for me. What’s coming next. What’s around the bend. If I could build a time machine, I’d use it to go forward, not back. I’m much more fascinated by what people and technology and the world will be like 100 years from now than I am about what we did in the dark ages past. That’s probably why I write  stories, because I get to play in a world I’ll never live to see. But I sure would like to.

The reason change is on my mind is that I’m not only revising my next book (did I mention huge changes?) but I’m also contemplating making a few changes on the blog. I might add a coat of paint, and bring in some house plants. Rearrange the furniture a bit. One thing in particular is the reviews I normally post on Friday. I enjoy doing reviews of books and movies that I love. But I’m wondering if it’s what you, my awesome readers, like to see? If I replaced the reviews with something else, would it bother you? Would you miss them? What would you LOVE to see me do here instead? More photos? Chat about awesome women I hear about around the world, women who do amazing things like the characters in my stories? Post a tiny bit of fiction? All of the above?

I’m seeking your advice, and  your input. Let me know…either in the comments below or shoot me an email if you’re shy. The contact page will send it to me.