We interrupt our normally scheduled Monday post for the Friday post that was interrupted by the Birthday post…nevermind. I finished a great book and want to share it with you!


Sooner or later, if you’re a fan of the urban fantasy or paranormal genres in general you might get a little tired of werewolves and vampires. I’m happy to report this story has neither of those things, a fact I loved.

It’s normal small town life, with a girl who just happens to see ghosts. Peri has promised to do her cousin a favor, and now that her cousin is a ghost she has to deliver on that promise. Find her cousin’s killer…and don’t die or land in jail in the process.

I enjoyed the mystery, and watching the clues pile up as Peri stumbles her way through solving this thing. She’s not a detective, or the police. She’s the girl next door, with a twist. The relationships between the people in this small town reminded me of one I grew up in. The same frustrating people, along with the same deep friendships and small town “in your business.” I can’t wait to read the next one.

 First Line:

AN inhuman shriek sliced through the pre-dawn darkness, stabbing at the haze of sleep coating my brain. My keys slipped from my fingers and clattered to the porch’s wooden floor. Cursing, I bent to retrieve them and dropped my backpack in the process. I shook my head, willing myself to wake up.

Another furious wail echoed over the pasture behind Memaw’s house. Anger shooed away the last of my early morning fog. I glared at the lights blazing from the sixteen-foot travel trailer at the back of the pasture. A crash shook the trailer, and a male voice cried out in protest. A few coyotes in the pine forest howled at the disturbance. They had the right idea.

“You can’t tell me what to do, you…you wall-eyed baboon.” She was so loud Rae could have been standing right next to me. Damn, that girl has a big mouth. And a nasty talent for insults.

Doesn’t this just tickle your spine? It’s not even the ghost part yet and already it feels like a ghost story. These are still the very much alive humans.

I’m not great at guessing who did it, but I do enjoy trying. I’m pretty sure I blamed just about everyone at some point. Once I did find out who the killer was, all the clues fell into place and I could see the path clearly laid out through the story. It’s a job well done, with clues hiding in plain site and misdirection. Plus ghosts! I found Peri to be very likable, and a lot like a friend I had in high school. (Although my friend couldn’t see ghosts. I don’t think.)

If you’re looking for paranormal mystery, with a splash of romance, this one’s for you.