Well, it’s not that cold yet. But the Town Center has sure made it seem that way with this lovely ice rink! It was fascinating watching them install the rink in October. First, they built a platform. Then they installed a network of pipes over it that looked like an octopus and squid were mating and having babies. Then they turned on the generators, and frost crawled along the pipes. Before long, that frost had turned to ice and voila! One fantastic ice rink and one fun evening coming right up.

People come from all over to have an evening out on the ice. It’s a blast to watch the young couples…the girl clinging to the guy and the guy grinning as if to say “I love it when a plan comes together.” It’s also fun to watch the parents try to teach little ones how to stay up on the blades while they aren’t too steady themselves. But mainly it’s just fun to see the red cheeks and hear the laughter.

I haven’t tried to skate, yet. The last time I tried that sort of thing I ended up with more bruises on my backside than I care to admit. For now, I think I’ll just watch. And take photos.


Remember to stop by the launch party on Dec. 20th for Stronger Than Magic next week. There’ll be prizes! Details coming Monday.