Well here we are, a shiny new year. It came all gift wrapped in snow and frigid cold for a lot of the country. Gosh I love winter. Not!

Those of you who follow this blog might have noticed I took a short vacation. I spent the time planning the next year of my publishing life, something I rarely do. Usually I just let the words fall out and land where they may. This year, though, I’m attacking 2014 with determination and a goal in mind. The goals I’ve set are lofty, and a bit overwhelming to be honest. But if I don’t aim high, I won’t ever get high, right? Er. I didn’t mean that like it sounded.

At any rate, over the next few weeks I’ll announce some of these plans. They won’t mean much at first. For instance, one goal is to revamp this website a bit. To provide a reader experience, to change the way I blog and convert it into a newsletter that will let insiders know Important Details, like impending story arrivals. the reason I’ll need that will become clear when I share my calendar with you. So many things planned. Big things. Huge.

To make them happen I have to write. Now.

*scurries off to type the nubs of my fingers off*