Book: The Wreck of Heaven, by Holly Lisle

This is the second of a series. If you haven’t read the first, there is a potential spoiler here…you’ve been warned!

After reading the first one I was anxious to see what happens next. Holly Lisle did not disappoint! The more I read, the more complex the story gets and the richer the world she’s created. I am absolutely fascinated by her vision of the afterlife, and by the world upon world structure. The idea that this is where the mythology for the Gods came from is so cool. Underlying it is the thought that anyone can be a god. And that the word god does not imply good. There are dark ones, and light ones. Because after all, people come in those flavors too. And gods are people. Ties up neatly, doesn’t it?

First line: “Molly McColl tightened the laces on the heavy silk bodice and shrugged into the brocade overgown. Alive, she thought. I’m alive. I’m alive! I was dead, and now I’m alive, and I’m back in Copper House. She tried on a smile, but it didn’t seem to fit.” Now there’s a hook! Even if you haven’t read the first one, aren’t you filled with curiosity as to why she is alive when she thought she was dead? Love the description of her smile. I didn’t put the book down after this opening.

I’m really enjoying this series, and I’m grateful to find out that the teacher I’ve been learning from (check out her writer’s classes here) can actually walk the walk. Lead on, Holly, lead on! 1 star each for complex, interesting main characters; fantastic world building; interesting take on magic; an antagonist who is complex with an agenda of his own (more than just to get the protagonist); solid plot with layer upon layer of sub-plot. If you like fantasy, mixed with our modern world, check out this series. 5/5 stars!

Movie: One For The Money (Katherine Heigl, Jason O’Mara and Daniel Sunjata)

I’m always curious to see how the movie differs from the book. I enjoyed the book, so I was hoping they would do it justice. I think they did. Although, my husband kept pointing out there is no way Katherine Heigl has ever been to Jersey. She doesn’t have the attitude, nor the accent, no matter how hard she tries. I chose not to let that bother me, because otherwise I thought she did fine bringing Stephanie to life. And the two men? Fantastic job! They were both hot, sexy, had their shirts off at various points, and generally provided some fun sexual tension.

The attacks on Stephanie were glossed over, which I have to say was a mistake. They should focused on them more. It shows growth in the character (a tiny bit, but better than nothing). But, all in all…fun plot (fairly true to the book), fun characters (fairly true to the book), and a light, good time in general.

If you are looking for a cute, amusing, girl turned amateur cop type movie, this is for you. This is not an Oscar contender, and doesn’t try to be. This is entertainment, pure and simple. More for the girls than for the guys, I suspect. My husband thought it was…nice. Just nice. Who would think, looking at a cop type movie, that you’d want to call it a chick flick? But that’s exactly what it is. And I have no problem with that.

I give it a star each for awesome male leads, interesting plot, great female characters. Minus one for leaving out too much of the plot from the book, and for too much of essential scenes landing on the cutting room floor. If I hadn’t read the book there were times I would have been completely lost. 3/5 stars.