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Things I Don’t Understand: Cauliflower Trends


The current trend toward pretending cauliflower is a potato.

It’s not. It’s a vegetable, and a rather icky one at that. It does not now, nor will it ever, taste like a potato. If I liked cauliflower, then I’d just eat that, without the pretend. But I don’t. So I’m not going to disguise it by mashing it,  throwing butter and cheese on it, and calling it a potato. It’s still icky cauliflower, though now it’s ruined perfectly good butter and cheese.

I’ve noticed cauliflower is being used in everything from brownies (seriously?!) to biscuits (no, just no) to “potato” salad. It’s a way of going low-carb or gluten-free, and while I understand the desperation behind the experimentation, and while I do try to eat low-carb, I’d rather give up brownies or just know I’m going to consume carbs for those few delicious moments than sully the experience with a vegetable that doesn’t belong in the mix.

Cauliflower is not a pasta. It’s not a flour. It’s not bread, or cookies, or pizza dough, or anything else. It’s a white, bumpy, bland version of broccoli, which is another vegetable I don’t like at all.

Have you tried using cauliflower in place of other things? “Mac” n Cheese? The basis for chocolate cake perhaps? Why’d you try it, and did you like it? And most importantly, did you like cauliflower before you tried disguising it as a brownie?

Does it still count as a vegetable if it’s pretending to be a brownie?


2 comments on… “Things I Don’t Understand: Cauliflower Trends”

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever put cauliflower into a brownie, but I do tend to “sneak” fruits and vegetables into things. Only when they actually do make it better, though! For example, the only meatloaf recipe my husband likes includes shredded zucchini and sweet potato (two things he hates on their own). I also have a fantastic brownie recipe that uses plum baby food (it makes the brownie taste richer and more chocolatey – go figure).

    • I’d totally try the brownies 😀 That sounds like it might be yummy. I’ve heard of mayo being used for the same purpose. But Cauliflower in place of everything? ick. lol

      I’d also try the meatloaf. I wish we could have a big world wide progressive dinner so I could taste yummy things from all over. 😀

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