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Sep 14

Things I Don’t Understand: Hatred of Selfie Sticks

By Melinda VanLone | Thoughts



I don’t get why some people are so violently opposed to people taking pictures with selfie-sticks. How is that any more or less offensive than photos taken the normal way…with one of your group always left out of the picture? Perhaps those opposed would rather you bug them to hold the camera and take the shot? Or they like it when a scammer offers to do it and then runs away with the camera? Or…what? Why is it any different than someone taking photos of everything except themselves?

Maybe they’re so angry because they’ve experienced the selfie-stick also being used as a weapon, much like I’ve seen some parents use strollers. I’ve been blocked, run into (always the shin), kicked (hard little kid shoes!), and had entire lanes of traffic backed up for miles by someone using a stroller as an “it’s all about me” card. Yet I haven’t seen the blatant hatred for them. Perhaps it’s because there might be a child in the stroller and it’s hard to hate a child, since obviously they’re captive and have no control of the situation.

Maybe there’s a gang of selfie stick wielding maniacs running rampant through tourist areas, whacking people in the head, shoving them out of the way or even sticking said stick into places it shouldn’t be. There might even be a selfie-stick fetish group. They probably have meetings where they talk about exact ways to, well, use the thing.

I haven’t actually seen anything like that but maybe I don’t hang out in the right areas. I’ve seen plenty of people taking photos, though. It’s never bothered me unless they take so long I can’t get a shot of my own. But usually people are pretty polite about such things.

Why is it suddenly offensive if I’m in the shot too, as opposed to simply taking a quick shot of the scene sans people and shuffling on? As I’m often alone, the only way I’ll ever have proof that I’ve been somewhere is if I use a selfie-stick. Why shouldn’t I do that? Perhaps I don’t matter. Perhaps they’d rather I didn’t exist. That’s the message I get when others post those “look how rude this person is” memes featuring a happy couple smiling before a selfie-stick.

I’m wondering if those so worked up about it are, perhaps, a tiny bit jealous that they don’t own one, too?


Aug 31

Things I Don’t Understand: “Should”

By Melinda VanLone | Thoughts




I’ll never understand why so many on the interwebs feel the need to tell everyone else what they “should” do. As if any of us really have things figured out. As if that’s even possible. We’re all feeling our way, and who’s to say which road is the right one? Not me, that’s for sure. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. I’m highly opinionated, just ask my hubby or my parents. And stubborn. And I love to argue. But I do try to wait until you ask for the advice before I give it. Usually. Unless I see you about to jump into a lake of sewage. I’ll probably point that shit out, no prodding needed.

Aug 17

Things I Don’t Understand: Bags Without Straps

By Melinda VanLone | Thoughts



I’ll never understand the fascination with handle-only purses. Who wants to tie up their hands holding a purse when there are other more exciting things to hold, like potential clothing purchases or glasses of wine? I mean sure, it could be used as a weapon but really how often do you need that? Much easier to sling that puppy over your shoulder or better still, cross body so it can’t be snatched away from you. I’m just saying that purse snatchers don’t usually target the cross body carrying woman (or man, for that matter). Think about it…


Aug 03

Things I Don’t Understand: Cauliflower Trends

By Melinda VanLone | Thoughts


The current trend toward pretending cauliflower is a potato.

It’s not. It’s a vegetable, and a rather icky one at that. It does not now, nor will it ever, taste like a potato. If I liked cauliflower, then I’d just eat that, without the pretend. But I don’t. So I’m not going to disguise it by mashing it,  throwing butter and cheese on it, and calling it a potato. It’s still icky cauliflower, though now it’s ruined perfectly good butter and cheese.

I’ve noticed cauliflower is being used in everything from brownies (seriously?!) to biscuits (no, just no) to “potato” salad. It’s a way of going low-carb or gluten-free, and while I understand the desperation behind the experimentation, and while I do try to eat low-carb, I’d rather give up brownies or just know I’m going to consume carbs for those few delicious moments than sully the experience with a vegetable that doesn’t belong in the mix.

Cauliflower is not a pasta. It’s not a flour. It’s not bread, or cookies, or pizza dough, or anything else. It’s a white, bumpy, bland version of broccoli, which is another vegetable I don’t like at all.

Have you tried using cauliflower in place of other things? “Mac” n Cheese? The basis for chocolate cake perhaps? Why’d you try it, and did you like it? And most importantly, did you like cauliflower before you tried disguising it as a brownie?

Does it still count as a vegetable if it’s pretending to be a brownie?