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Settling In… Moving On

street, knock out rose, flower, city, fall
The street outside our apartment in Rockville Town Square.

People keep asking me if I’ve settled in to the new place yet. I’m not sure how to answer that. What does it take to feel settled in? I’m not sure I ever felt that way in Philadelphia, and I was there two years. We never unpacked all the boxes, but more than that, it just never felt very homey to either one of us. The city itself never felt quite… right. Don’t get me wrong, I think Philly has a lot of things to recommend it. Cheesesteaks for one. We met some great people there. But as we left to head back to Dallas I don’t think either one of us was sorry to see it in the rear-view mirror.

Now here we are, once again in transition. New city, new job, new book about to launch, new expectations of what “homey” should feel like. Once upon a time I would have told you the only way my husband and I would be happy would be in our own, single family, house. Here we are in Rockville, MD, in a two bedroom apartment in the middle of a city square. It’s as far removed from single family as you can get.

But it’s homey.

The boxes still loom over my shoulder. By our count, we have about 60 to go. (Some are book boxes, so they’re small and of course just need to pop onto the shelves.) The place is a transitional mess of packing paper, take out remnants, and misc. items-we-don’t-know-what-to-do-with. The walls are bare, the floor is a mess and I desperately need to vacuum  My desk is covered with items I’m trying to sort, and I keep losing track of my clothes.

But it’s homey.

When I walk in, it feels right somehow. When I head out to walk around the square or workout at the gym or get something for lunch, it makes me smile. So when someone asks me “do you like it there?” I can answer, quite honestly, yes. Yes, I do.

Does that mean I don’t like Dallas anymore? No. I love Dallas. I have friends there, and my family is there. I can like more than one place, right?

So do I feel settled in? Yes, actually I do. Boxes and all.


7 comments on… “Settling In… Moving On”

  1. I haven’t moved around much, but I notice that if I can have a little space that feels like it’s completely mine and I can do what I want with it, then I feel settled. Glad you’re feeling at home 🙂

    • I think that’s one of the things I love about this place. I have a room that’s all mine to do with as I will. My “office” (also the guest room/second bedroom/catch all room). I haven’t had a separate one in a few years now. I’m kind of excited about the possibilities.

  2. Congrats on the move, Melinda. Glad to hear you’re settling in. Strange how some places can give you that “homey” feeling almost immediately.

    • It really is strange! We knew as we drove up that we’d found the right place. By the time we walked through the apartment on our tour we’d decided. I think the leasing agent was shocked at how fast we said “yes” lol. She had no idea we’d already spent 3 days looking at place after place, with none of them feeling quite right.

  3. Your little corner of the world sounds charming and I’m so happy that it’s homey. Having somewhere that brings you joy is very, very important. Congrats again on the move, your husband’s new job, the new book, everything! Your life is amazing, which is not surprising, because so are you.

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