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San Francisco In Pictures – Part One


By now, you obviously know I just spent a week in San Francisco. While my first impression might have been the overload of humanity on the streets in general and the overabundance of homeless in particular, there are plenty of other things to see. I took over 1100 photos during my trip. Since pictures often speak louder than words, I will, for a brief moment, shut up and let them talk. (Don’t worry, I won’t share them all. I’ll just share a few that I think represent the city as I found it.)

This is part one of three. Click on any image to get a larger slideshow.

3 comments on… “San Francisco In Pictures – Part One”

    • Thanks! Come back next week for more…I took over 1100 photo. Don’t worry, I”m not sharing them all :-D. I loved the monkeys too, especially the way they sit next to that horse. The entire Chinatown area is one long visual assault. More from that area next week!

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