Patience? What’s That?

By Melinda VanLone | Photos

Apr 01


Wait. Wait. Wait.

This last weekend was interesting in the sports world. Syracuse won! Yay! Yes, I’m an alum. It makes me happy that they made it to the Final Four. Well done, Orange, well done.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Glare out the window at the barely budding trees.

I also happened to be watching the Duke/Louisville game when Kevin Ware broke his leg. As in, I watched it happen real-time, then again in one slow replay, wherein I had to cover my eyes and then my mouth because hey, that’s what girls do when they see something truly horrible. My heart goes out to that kid. If you don’t follow sports, he was simply jumping up in the air, landed…and his leg decided that was a great time to stop supporting him. As in, it broke. In two places, I hear. It’s the stuff of nightmares to see someone’s leg look like that. It’s not normal. It looked like it was suddenly made of rubber instead of flesh and bone. A Harry Potter moment, if you will, except the bone hadn’t been vanished out of his body. It had been split in two by the force of his jump, something I’m quite certain is a lot more painful. Everyone who witnessed it live shed some tears, and I was no exception. If you haven’t seen it, don’t. Just think good thoughts for him.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Watching that poor guy as his dream moment turned into a nightmare sort of puts my personal little dilemma into proportion. As you might have noticed, I’m waiting for something. It’s taking sweet time in arriving, too.

Spring. It simply is not springing.

I’ve been stalking the cherry trees so I can finally get pictures of the cherry blossoms. And guess what? They haven’t blossomed. Yet. I’m pretty sure it’s happening this week.  I have plans to join the massive thronging crowds later this week to snag my photos at long last. But in the meantime…

Wait. Wait. Wait.

I hate waiting.