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Jasper the Cat


Meet Jasper. He’s a bit mis-named, as he’s more like a tank than a delicate gem, but after 13 years we can’t change it now. Jasper likes to play alarm clock. Somewhere around 5:00 or 5:30 he starts gently tapping my side. Have I mentioned I’m ticklish? The little fiend knows that too, so of course I jerk every time he touches me which wakes me up. He then stares, as if the very force of his will alone will cause me to rise out of bed and cater to his needs.

I manage to ignore him for about an hour, at which point he becomes a bit surly and frustrated and will either use me as a human trampoline or howl at the top of his lungs while pacing the floor or, more likely, the bed. With me in it. He demands breakfast be served, and it must be fresh. He can’t be expected to eat the food in the bowl. That’s been there since last night!

Once he’s fed, it’s time for a post-meal nap. When he’s relaxed, he’ll put up with a lot of stuff—like hats perched on his belly. I tried to get the hat on his head but he didn’t think it fit well.

This is my furbaby, and he owns me. There is no question who wears the pants in our family. He does.



8 comments on… “Jasper the Cat”

    • Melinda VanLone

      This morning, just to prove that he wasn’t the boss of me, when he woke me up I locked him up in the bathroom LOL. That way he couldn’t tickle me. We’ll see who is more stubborn! I suspect he is. *grin*

  1. Jasper looks a lot like our Diesel. Diesel’s tactic is to pull things off the shelves in the bedroom when it’s time for breakfast 🙂

    • Melinda VanLone

      Oh wow! I think my husband would lock him up in a tiny room if he did that. It’s funny the different ways they make their wishes known lol

    • Melinda VanLone

      Oh I’d be the crazy cat lady if I wasn’t in an apartment with rules against that sort of thing. Jasper wasn’t always this needy either. When his brother was alive they generally left me alone. I’ve thought about getting a kitten to torture him with, but in kitty years he’s grandpa age and I wasn’t sure how well that’d go over. If he keeps pestering me though I just might do it!

    • Melinda VanLone

      Yes I do :-). Though I do tell him every day that it’s a good thing he’s so stinkin’ cute.

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