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I Almost Got Shot Getting This Shot

My brain is fried, today. I have three different stories chasing each other in my head. What this means is I sit here watching them romp instead of actually writing anything constructive. I’m sure it will all work out in the end. I’m sure I’ll end up with a great story, and awesome characters, eventually. Today, though, it’s frustrating me to watch them circle. I imagine they might be preparing an assault.

What this means is I’m not prepared for today’s blog. Not in the slightest. Hopefully, you won’t notice because you’ll be distracted by the awesome photo above. I have no idea what this statue is called, but I do know that it resides at Fair Park, in Dallas. I know this because I stumbled upon it while walking around the Irish Festival last week. I nearly got shot trying to get the photo so I thought the least I could do was share my efforts.

By shot, I mean an arrow narrowly missed my head. Yes, an arrow. As in, bow and arrow. Why? Because the festival had set up a “practice your archery here” booth for kids and apparently one of them was really, really good. It’s not that they didn’t try to maintain safety. They had targets, and nets set up to catch the arrows. Behind the nets they had more nets. Bright orange fencing surrounded most of the area. People wore padding of all sorts so they could practice in complete safety.

I don’t think they counted on someone drifting their way past the archery, along the walk beside the grass in the center of which rose this magnificent water fountain statue. I don’t think they counted on that same someone being completely oblivious to everything except the enchanting sound of water and the lovely way the sun sparkled off the stone. And I don’t think they realized that same person would simply walk to the end of the grass, around the bright orange fencing, and back up to the statue so she could get a good shot of the fountain without all those padded people, nets, and fencing in the way.

They also didn’t count on how loud running water can be.

When the arrow whizzed by, I didn’t even hear it. I had the camera up and focused on the shot at hand. Therefore, I also didn’t see the arrow whiz by my head.

When I finished snapping my shots, I turned to find a red-faced man in medievel dress yelling at me. He was 10 feet away—I couldn’t hear him.

“What?” I sauntered closer to him, wearing my best “I’m innocent” smile.

“My lady, it is probably my fault, but please do observe the orange fencing and the sign which requests that you remain safely on the sidewalk. There are arrows flying about, and we do not wish to see one land in your head.”

Now, isn’t THAT the nicest way of telling me “Look, ditz, get out of the firing zone before you get yourself killed!”

Kudos to the unnamed man for staying completely in character, despite his frustration and my complete lack of awareness of my surroundings.

But look at the statue! It was totally worth it.

18 comments on… “I Almost Got Shot Getting This Shot”

  1. Marcie

    Archery range for kids? That was for everyone! I still have a bruise on my arm from where the bow got me! It was fun 10 arrows for $3. you should’ve tried it… then you might have known you were in danger!

    • True! I saw plenty of adults there, I just didn’t pay them any attention. Pretty sure the one who almost shot me was a kid though, because when I looked over there the entire front row was kids. I remember telling the guy “I didn’t think the arrows would make it this far” as he plucked one out of the ground a few feet away lol. I’m sure he was thinking “what an idiot”.

      I wonder if you were in line while I was getting my photo?!

  2. Awesome fountain, great pic, and a wonderful story.
    here’s another one. While touring a farm area a woman lit up a cigarette. The farmer approached and said, “Ma’am, you shouldn’t smoke here. If you do one of the workers might think you’re on fire and take appropriate action.”

    • Nice! I really do appreciate people who go out of their way to be nice and polite while correcting aberrant behavior. So often people resort to screaming obscenities! (myself included, I have to confess. Especially if I’m driving and the person sharing the road with me is a complete…well, never mind).

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Thankfully it turned out to be a wonderful story and not a terrible injury! But, I have to confess, I, too, have been known to drift about so totally absorbed in my thoughts (or the sight of something glittery) that I wander into harms way. Love the phrase ‘aberrant behavior!’ Talk about going out of the way to be polite. LOL! Stay safe, Melinda!

    • I know my mother is reading this story and shaking her head. I can hear her voice now: “Child, I taught you better than that” as she sighs in exasperation. And yes, she did teach me better than that. lol. Usually I’m more careful but…look at that fountain! 😉


  4. I’m still laughing! “land in your head!” LOL Now I want to go to a faire. Sigh. And I wish I could get great pictures like you.

    • The trick to getting a great photo (and I’m not implying this one is great in any way…it’s helpful if the subject is awesome which this is) is to simply take a LOT of them. I didn’t mention that this one shot actually took about 20 clicks to get. Always take five more than you think you need. Then move over about five or ten feet and click some more. Then take five more after you think you’re done. I swear it’s always the next to last one that turns out the best, for some reason. And since it’s all digital, you aren’t wasting film!

      I think it was the shifting ten feet over that put me in danger 😉

  5. Oh Melinda, what did you get yourself into this time? LOL! Were you trying to impersonate William Tell without the apple? Great shot of the statue BTW! 🙂

  6. Great story and awesome picture!

    Fun fact: Unless the missile hits you in the head or perfectly in the heart, getting shot is only fatal 5% of the time…if you get to a doctor.

    Don’t ask me how I know!

  7. Great pic–and fun blog post, Melinda. I’m as impressed by your determination to get the best shot as I am by the red-faced man’s ability to stay in character when stressed.

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