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Happiness Is…

Jasper's list: curling up on Mom's shoes, sleeping in a sunbeam, and hours of petting.

Have you ever thought about writing down a list of things that make you happy? On a sad or lonely day, a reminder of the simple things that surround me and fill me with joy is exactly what I need to shake the blues. Or at least, put a tiny smile on my face.

I know there’s things that I’ve forgotten. A list like this should grow as we grow, and it can never be too long. So here it is, my ever-expanding list of little things that make me happy. Please, add something from your list in the comments below. Help me build my list!


Happiness Is…


A warm cup of mocha latte on a cold day.

A fuzzy cat curled up next to me.

The same fuzzy cat playing with a string, toy, or spec of dust.

A hug from someone I care about.

A kiss from my hubby.

The look of pure joy and awe on a child’s face when they discover something new.

A cool breeze on a warm day.

Writing a scene that comes out better than I planned.

A square of Dove Dark Chocolate melting slowly on my tongue.

Warm sun on my face.

A good book.

The feeling of strength that comes after lifting weights or doing yoga.

A shoulder rub.

Taking a photo that exactly captures the feeling of a moment.

Cosmetics that makes me FEEL beautiful.

Leaving the store with a purchase that makes me giddy with excitement and happy I spent the money.

Squishing my toes into brand new, freshly cleaned and vacuumed carpet

A rainy afternoon/thunderstorm.

Fluffy socks.


What about you? What makes you happy?

29 comments on… “Happiness Is…”

    • Good ones! Wish it was raining right now. But at least my AC is working full force again, which is something I’d add to the list. Cool AC on a hot day 🙂 (not that it’s that hot today but you get the idea).

  1. Making my husband laugh, hanging out with my kids and a cup of tea or really great coffee 🙂
    Thanks for prompting me to list–gave me a smile.
    Wishing you a happy day Melinda!

    • Good ones! I love making my husband laugh too. And I love it when HE makes ME giggle. He’s good at it, which is a really good thing.

  2. Great post Melinda, I would just add a preference for See’s Candies melting on my tongue, and funny enough, my cat Velveteen looks an awful lot like Jasper. I’d add walking our dog Kona, enjoying an evening out with the hubby, and creativity!

    • For some reason, milk chocolate makes me cough. /shrug. That’s why the love for dark chocolate. And Dove makes it best, it’s so smooth and creamy! ahhhh. But I do love See’s candy. I just have to have a big glass of water or milk with it. Darn heh. The suffering I endure for chocolate!

  3. A quiet night and well loved movie. A book I get lost in. Watching a hummingbird feed.

    great list- I do a gratitude journal I’ll have to make sure to look for these smaller happy moments.

  4. Love this!

    My son, this morning, laid his cheek on the top of my head and said ‘love you, mom.’

    That’s it!

  5. The crazy wiggle dance my dog does when we walk through the door, hugs from loved ones, embarrassing moments that make us laugh until we cry and the sound of thunderstorms.

    Love this post, Melinda!

    • A lot of us like thunderstorms 🙂 This is so cool. If I had a dog, the wiggle dance would be there on my list for sure. Thanks!

  6. A huge piece of sweet, ripe watermelon. Falling asleep peacefully while reading a good book. Watching something I planted grow and thrive. Dancing with my grandbaby and hearing his giggles as I spin him around.

    Hope those blues hit the road, Melinda. Feel better. By the way, your blog site is awesome. Love your log line!

  7. Great idea, Melinda!

    The full-out belly laugh of a child 🙂
    The exuberance of a child
    A warm puppy on my lap
    A reader’s positive response to something I’ve written
    A great piece of uplifting music
    The support given without asking for it from any WANA friends

    • Music! Good one, I forgot about that entirely. And of course the support from WANA friends :-), support from all my friends and family definitely makes me smile.

  8. Great post. At this time of year as we slip into summer here in TX, things that make a smile spread on my face are:

    The kiss of the sun on my skin
    Soft sounds of water lapping against the side of the boat
    zipping across the top of the water on my wakeboard
    sunsets reflecting on the lake
    Opening a brand new book

    • I would love to find out if zipping across the water on a wakeboard would make me smile. I’ve never tried it, but I LOVE water of all sorts. Sounds like you do too 🙂

  9. Beautiful, Melinda.

    Cuddling up with a warm cozy blanket.
    Warm tea with honey.
    A soft quiet kiss and hug from your child.
    Cruising down the highway with your excited child and vintage automobile. 🙂
    Enjoying the relaxing sounds of water falling – waterfalls, foutians, etc.

  10. a new daylily bloom to mark a new day
    the smell of fresh-mown grass,
    the ting-ting-hiss of a water sprinkler
    a child’s unblinking stare
    (what is he/she thinking?)
    someone who gets my sense of humor

    Love this post, Melinda!

  11. great lists and wonderful additions. I would add:
    watching my youngest granddaughter run to my toy box as if she’s just found a treasure;
    watching the concentration on the faces of my other 3 grandchildren as they figure out a game or an app
    watching them play school together
    waking up with my little shih Tzu, Lucy, who lays with one paw on my shoulder and one sort of under me, staring at me with adoring eyes.

    ah yes, this is good stuff. thanks Melinda.

    • I remember running to my Grandma’s toy closet when we’d visit her. I wonder if she’d have listed that. I bet she would 🙂

  12. Wonderful picture and great list of what makes you happy. Cats really know how to relax and enjoy the moment.

    Happiness to me is:

    my kids telling me they love me
    kids waking me up by jumping over me, eager for the new day
    reading a good book
    being alone in the house
    long showers
    a delicious dinner cooked by someone else and knowing I don’t need to wash the dishes
    goofing around with friends and sharing silly, naughty jokes

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  14. Hearing my daughter laugh. Getting my new print book in the mail! Driving my Camaro. My dog grabbing his leash and trying to walk himself. My gerbil hopping up onto his house, “asking” to be taken out! My turtle swimming to the edge of her tank and splashing like crazy when I come into the room. Lots of things to make me smile, right here at home. 🙂

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