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Fall Stream


A benefit of hauling my behind to the Outdoors, besides the chance to breath fresh air and force my body into positions not supported by a chair, is scenes like these. If you ever visit the DC area, do take half a day and check out Great Falls National Park. It’s $5 to park. They have picnic tables, and tons of walking  trails. And oh yeah, the view is pretty fantastic.

NaNoWriMo starts in 6 days! Am I ready? Just about. Probably more ready than I’ve ever been. I’m limbering up my fingers, buying extra coffee, and planning a lot of crock pot meals. If you have any awesome crock pot recipes feel free to share! The hubby gets tired of pot roast.


3 comments on… “Fall Stream”

  1. Gorgeous! I’m going to print out this picture and put it on the wall by my desk. Whenever I need a minute to regroup, I’m going to fantasize that I’m there. Thanks for sharing!

      • Someday I WILL come visit and see it in person. You’ll have to take me to all the groovy places you’ve found. I’ll bring my camera and we’ll totally geek out on the fabulousness of it all.

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