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Earl Grey



After the Vanilla Chai failure of last week, I decided to try something a bit more “normal” for today’s tea experience.  I hear people talk about Earl Grey tea a lot and it just so happens my sampler box has a Rooibos Earl Grey within so that’s the flavor of the day. I’m also writing about this as I experience it, so you get the real-time play by play tea escapade.

I love the steeper thing. It was a complete impulse buy but it works great with loose leaf tea, I think. You put the leaves in, then add the water, and let it sit there. It looks like a science experiment. Very cool. Magic is happening right there in front of my eyes.

There’s blue things in this tea. I have no idea what they are. I don’t know what, or who, an Earl Grey is. But it’s interesting looking, like weeds along the roadside. You know, full of vibrant color and maybe a few thorns? In water, it looks…well, not like something you should be drinking.

Since I failed to produce anything resembling tea last time, today I boiled the water longer (in the microwave..I know I know but boiling water is boiling water, right?) and I let Adagio Teas Rooibos Earl Grey steep four minutes longer than last time. This sat in the water I believe a total of nine minutes, give or take a few seconds. It made the kitchen smell like a flower shop. But the Rooibos Vanilla smelled great and look how that turned out. It’s all about the taste, right? So here goes.



It definitely has a taste. Not strong, though. But not mere hot water either. I get a hint of something on the roof of my mouth that reminds me of the greenhouse from high school. I have no idea why. A bit flowery? Like I nibbled on the roadside blue flower. That’s it…it tastes blue!

It’s not abhorrent or anything. It’s still not the strong taste I’m looking for though.

Since I have nothing to compare this to other than Lipton iced tea and the vanilla chai, I looked up Earl Grey Tea online. Apparently, it’s supposed to have a distinctive citrus flavor and smell. I don’t get that at all. Nothing in my cup smells or tastes like anything citrus.

I wonder if, once again, I somehow didn’t cook it right. Who knew tea would be so difficult to make!

I think next time I’ll try hibiscus. I’ve been told it tastes like fruit punch and I’m dying to find out if that’s true.

6 comments on… “Earl Grey”

  1. I generally love Earl Grey, but I’ve never had blue stuff in it before. That’s very strange. I wonder if it’s some sort of proprietary blend from the company you bought it from. My favorite Earl Grey tea is Twinings. It’s definitely not a strong taste, though. If you’re looking for something strong, try Irish tea. I’ve heard it said that Irish tea should be brewed strong enough for a mouse to dance on.

    • I’m now picturing a mouse skating around in my mug LOL. Twinings – I’ll add that to my list! And when it’s warm, I’ll take a trip to the tea shop over in Alexandria. I’ve been in it once but had no idea what I was looking at. Next time I’ll ask for advice and bring back something to try.

  2. I love Earl Grey. Twinings. It has a taste of bergamot, which I love. You might try forgoing the microwave and boiling the water on the stove, although I’m not sure if that will make a difference. Usually steeping it for at least five minutes makes mine strong.

    For strong tea, you might try Oolong. I don’t care for it, but sometimes if you’re looking for the punch of coffee it might tide you over. I like chai tea too (without the vanilla).

    The truth is, Ms. Melinda, there isn’t anything like coffee. Nope. Sorry ’bout it.

    • I’m not really looking to replace coffee. I just want it to actually taste like something besides hot water. To be honest, I don’t like coffee unless it’s laced with milk and some sort of sweetener. I like a little coffee with my milk rather than the other way around lol. But so far, even if I added milk to the teas I’ve tried, all I’d be drinking is hot milk. Not really the taste I’m going for. I dunno lol. You’re the fourth person to recommend Twinings. I’m going to get me some of that!

  3. Cathy Cone

    Cuz…don’t know what you got in the sampler but that is NOT Earl Grey. Buy Twinings’ Earl Grey and try again. It should fill your senses with flavor and aroma. Irish Breakfast Tea is quite good, especially with a little cream. Keep trying! You might want to get with a couple of your writing buddies and go to a swanky tea shop or hotel and have a proper afternoon tea time. Once the snow melts, of course.

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