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Finding Flame

Finding Flame
Series: House of Xannon, Book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: WrittenHouse Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780988745537
All that has been is written on the Wind.
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Book 2 of the Xannon Series introduces Macari, First Daughter of the Benata Daemon Court. Daemons have lived thousands of years sequestered on their own plane, separated from humans by the Between, a barrier thought to be impossible to cross. But nothing stops the Corsairie, a storm of Air magic that holds all of history in its grasp. Macari is the only daemon capable of Walking the Wind, a talent she uses every day to witness history unfold. Her latest report stirs old wounds and forgotten fears in the most powerful daemon of all, her mother.

While walking the Wind, Macari witnesses an intimate scene between a daemon man and a human woman. Returning to the Benata court, she casually reports the incident to First Mother and the Court, but what seems an innocent moment sends the daemon into a turmoil of suspicion and fear.

First Mother issues Macari an order bound by magic: find the woman seen in the vision and learn why she’s conspired with the Mayfanta leader. Discovering the human woman’s identity requires crossing the boundaries of existence, a feat no daemon has ever accomplished. The task seems impossible, but the penalty for failure is banishment. Even if Macari succeeds, will the answers soothe her mother’s fears or merely fan the flames of a larger fire?

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