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Bend Your Eyes: What Is This?

I’m starting a new game here on the blog! I used to love Games Magazine, especially the section they called Eyeball Benders. They’d post a close-up photo of something and you guessed what it was, and then they’d reveal the answer. I hardly ever guessed right but it was fun trying. For now, we’ll play it on Wednesdays. Check in every week for a new eye bending image and take a guess.

So let’s get started. What do you think this is? Leave your guess in the comments below. After you do, come back and click on the image to see if you guessed right!


15 comments on… “Bend Your Eyes: What Is This?”

  1. Shannon Esposito

    Hmmm.. either an eye or a bullet hole. Fur doesn’t look real, so I’m going with eye of some kind of stuffed animal cuz who would shoot a stuffed animal?

  2. I used to have a stuffed lion that color. I’m going with eye of a stuffed animal, cause the only other thing that occurred to me, I don’t think I want to put in print. 🙂

  3. lynettemburrows

    I think it’s the eye of a stuffed dog or a stuffed teddy bear. If it was shot out, Shannon, it wasn’t a close range. No stippling. I read and watch waaay too much crime stuff. LOL.

    • Melinda VanLone

      hehe no stippling! If I want to stage a teddy bear murder I need to remember that.

  4. Melinda VanLone

    I think I made this one way too easy! hehe. Click on the image to see the full shot. Thanks for playing everybody! Next week I’ll try to make it harder 😀

  5. Came in too late for the guessing game, though like most others I thought it was a stuffed animal. I thought it was the nose not the eye however.

    Good idea, Melinda.

    • Melinda VanLone

      Thanks! I’m still working out the logistics of the answer reveal…hopefully I can find a way to provide the answer without killing the game for anybody who steps in a bit late. In the meantime, thanks for playing!

      Be sure to stop by next week for a new one. 🙂

  6. I could tell it wasn’t a live animal, but I kept thinking it was a carpeted something or other. You remember that nasty shag carpet? And how they’d cover ottomans and stuff with it? That’s what I was thinking of.

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