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Bend Your Eyes: Metal Alert

Let’s play a game! I used to love Games Magazine, especially the section they called Eyeball Benders. They’d post a close-up photo of something and you guessed what it was, and then they’d reveal the answer. I hardly ever guessed right but it was fun trying so I thought I’d try my own version. Check in every week on Wednesday for a new eye bending image.

What do you think this is? Leave your guess in the comments below, then come back and click on the picture. Did you guess right?



4 comments on… “Bend Your Eyes: Metal Alert”

  1. I want to say razor blades on something like a bic razor. Ugh. The brown has me stumped, though. I think Julie might have it right.

    Okay, you know what? I’m going to guess blinds. Window blinds. Final answer.

  2. Melinda VanLone

    This was a hard one! Nobody I showed it to got it right, although Julie isn’t that far off. Click the photo for the answer!

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