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Angry Candy

On Wednesdays I usually try to do a book review. Today, however, I find myself in a dilemma. The last two books I’ve read need some help. I don’t feel able to recommend them, so I’ve decided that instead of explaining exactly what I found lacking about them, I’d share something new.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a World of Warcraft addict. During my many escapades online I’ve met people from all over the world. I met an entire group from Canada with whom I gleefully cavort through virtual landscapes to this very day. *waves to guildies*

One of them has a husband who plays in a band. Not just any band. This band is called Angry Candy. I really believe they are going places. Not just the mall; I mean really going places. I fully expect to purchase their album someday. Or see them win X Factor, or something equally awesome. I want you to have the chance to say “I knew them when” too.

The lead singer has an amazing voice and that certain X Factor (if I can borrow that phrase) that just shouts star quality. And that girl playing piano? She’s my guildie! We’ve met in person, and I can tell you she’s one hell of a musician, all around great Mom, and friend. *waves to Kim*

So, to make a long story short (too late) and without further ado: Angry Candy (covering Adele’s Someone Like You). Please, take a few minutes, crank the sound up, sit back in the chair, and give this a listen. You’ll be happy you did.

9 comments on… “Angry Candy”

  1. What a gorgeous cover, Melinda! I’m a big Adele fan… These ladies really did her justice. And I LOVE the harmony. Feeling inspired to tinker on the piano thanks to you. 🙂

    • They really did an amazing job didn’t they? I actually like this one better than Adele’s version (shhhh, don’t tell Adele though). It doesn’t hurt I actually know one of these ladies ;-). I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. what a beautiful voice and the harmonies are out of this world. I can’t carry a note except in a pail, so I really appreciate such talent. Lucky you to have her for a friend and to be following them so closely.

  3. Thanks for taking a listen ya’ll :-). I just want the whole world to hear how wonderful they are. Can’t wait until they “cover” one of their own songs. They are working on an album now.

  4. Josee Martin

    They are amazing! Ive seen them live, out of this world. Talent like this is very rare. We are proud to have such talent nearby. They made it to Canada’s got talent. We must vote this sunday, april 8th. They deserve to win this!

    • I just wish I could vote! I have to see them third hand, when some kind soul posts a video on YouTube. That website doesn’t play the videos for us US peeps, and of course we can’t vote either. But I’d vote a million times if I could because you’re right, they deserve to win it!

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