By Melinda VanLone | Photos

Apr 22

Ah, April in North Texas. Spring rains, muggy days, wildfires, flowers and pollen! This time last year I was in Philly. I felt like it was always cold and cloudy there, but that’s not completely true. Every now and then the sun makes a command performance that is quite dazzling. While I never saw a bluebonnet there, I did see all kinds of white, yellow and red blended together in yards, empty fields and of course the arboretum. Spring arrives a bit later in Philly, but it arrives, none the less. A time for renewal, for growth, for appreciating life with new eyes and a fresh outlook. Enjoy the spring, and try to see it with the eyes of someone who’s never seen it before. It’ll be ridiculously hot before you know it…

Happy Easter 🙂