By Melinda VanLone | Photos

Mar 25

Awwww! Look what my honey gave me! It was a surprise, for the anniversary of our first date. I remember it like it was yesterday. We went to see a movie, and we were two of only four people in the theater to see Sleeping With The Enemy. Nice first date huh? He was so nervous, he kept playing with his college ring, spinning it around on his finger. He got a little too aggressive with the spinning and the ring came flying off his finger to bounce and roll all the way down to the front of the empty theater. We could hear it the entire way “ting ting ting ting”. It rolled slowly to a stop and I couldn’t stop giggling. Poor guy! It was too dark to find it, so we had to wait for the house lights to come up at the end of the movie. Yes, it was still there…we rescued the poor ring then went to Friendly’s for yummy ice cream. 🙂 It’s funny how the things that go wrong are what make something memorable. Remind me to tell you about our wedding sometime…